Are ya'll really Muslim?

Yes. Abu Shea is an honorary Muslim. FaraH & QADR were muslimatized at birth.

Do you hate white people?

No, but since you're asking, we probably wouldn't like you. 

Do you have white friends?

Our favorite bartender is white. 

What is a Gummy Butt?

you prolly.

Did Modelo actually sponsor The Muslims?

We don't have to answer these FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

The Muslims or The Muzlimz?

The Muslims.


Do The Muslims identity as Taqwacore?

No, we identity as cinnamon sugar PUNKtart.

Why is there a FAQs page?

To ask and answer all of our own questions we have about you having questions about us.

Should I get an arabic tattoo?


Why do you talk so much about white people?

To burn their ears.

Where can I buy your music & merch?

Bandcamp & shows & Grindr.

...and iTunes/spotify/ThosePlaces

Can I book The Muslims to play a house show?



Can I book The Muslims to play in my bathroom?


Can I book The Muslims to play a festival?

Depends but prolly.

Can I book The Muslims to play a bougie gala?

Laa. fuck off.

When did this band start?


When did this band break up?



Are ya'll ANTIFA?

If you're not anti-fascist, fuck off.

What's a Munk?

Punks who love The Muslims.

What is The Muslims favorite beer?

Modelo is our official beer. all other free beers are our secondary unofficial beers.

How do I get free merch?

Punch a nazi. 

Also, if we ever run a Fuck Youtube Campaign to raise funds for starving children in Europe, we'll throw in some freebies.

Can shaitan go to heaven?

technically, satan was gentrified outta heaven. 


Will ya'll ever perform in spandex or naked?

Absolutely. You just wait...


Why "Fuck Youtube"?

Because they censor our art and identities, removing our shit for the word "Muslim" while keeping racists and violent kid-bait content online.

More racist, discriminatory BS from silicon valley. Help us sue them.

Are The Muslims radical extremists or extremely radical or fundamentally islamisistisismysticalysts?

the latter.


It's in Palestine, Texas off of Lebanon, Pennsylvania near Jordan, Minnesota

across from Morocco, Indiana southwest of Cairo, Georgia turn left at Mecca, Indiana. 

Why does FaraH BaHbaH only make curry for his friends?

Happy + Husky = Healthy - racists / sadists < oxygen {chocolate} x coconut cream @AntiRacimsBowels.com

How can I support this project?

Give us your money and love and rage and tell your friends to do the same. <3 <3 <3

Can I ask anymore questions?

absolutely not. fuck off.