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The Muslims punk band is unforgivingly brilliant. Slowly converting everyday citizens into cultish Munks, The Muslims come fully loaded with sharp lyrics, gut-wrenching rhythms and ridiculously offensive satire. This all-queer, Black & Brown punk band emerged onto the U.S. music scene shortly after the inauguration of 45 in 2017, and they’ve been destroying lives ever since.

Taking inspiration from classic punk and afropunk roots, they mix hardcore, rock-rap fusion, political satire and shared experiences as multi-racial Muslims into a powerful and spiritual deliverance.


FaraH BaHbaH


Doesn't drive for Lyft. servin' up the sweetest fake smiles in the band; hot guy drummer of The Muslims. Voted best drummer of 2020. Ameen. 




Vicious lyrical demon; belligerent content curator, vocalist & guitarist of The Muslims. Givin' zero fucks and stealing yer wives since birth. Hi Umi. 


Abu Shea


Badass babygay, cute-face bassist of The Muslims. Been servin' whole grain life slices of musical genius since 8yrs old. Best teeth in NC.